The Rectangular Tubing is widely used for producing parts such as structural support, racks, trailer beds and other structural components. It is also used to support buildings, bridges, and highways, conveyors, machine parts, sign posts, ornamental usages and other wide range of applications in industrial, construction, automotive, appliance and agricultural industries due to its great finish and dense structure. We offer rectangular tubing in various sizes and thickness. We can also customize the cut depending on your application requirements. The Square Tubing is considered as one of the most versatile piece of metal products. Its sturdy structure and good finish give it a long-lasting strength which makes it ideal in different production environments. It is widely used in mechanical applications, agricultural industries, and structural support for construction, machine parts, and heavy equipment. The most common size is ½” x ½“gauge to 2×2 square tubing but we also offer them in different sizes. The Round Tubing is a general all-purpose grade metal which is commonly used in paper, chemical, dairy, beverage, and food industries due to its high degree of sanitation and cleanliness especially in corrosive environments. We offer them in different sizes.